Language Translation in Detroit, MI

PALS INTERNATIONAL proudly provides language translation in Detroit, MI and surrounding Southeast Michigan to Marketing, Advertising and Manufacturing Companies in addition to Corporations in the other industries we serve.

PALS INTERNATIONAL’s translation is about quality. From marketing collateral to, critical medical documentation and automotive manuals, communicating your message and intent in a culturally accurate form can spell the difference between profit and loss. Idioms, nuance, double entendre – meaning varies greatly from country to country. PALS INTERNATIONAL translates your documents to ensure not only literal accuracy but proper cultural content.

Translation Experience

PALS INTERNATIONAL has been helping Corporations for over 35 years to better communicate with their global partners and customers by removing language and cultural barriers. Our native speaking linguists possess degrees in translation and years of experience in over 100 languages. We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Product Literature, Technical Manuals and Engineering Drawings
  • Medical and Legal documents
  • Websites and Social Media
  • Corporate Communications and Human Resource Manuals
  • Sales Presentations and Financial Reports
  • Marketing Collateral and Advertising Copy
  • Audio and Video Transcription Services
  • Voice Over and Dubbing Services

Language Localization

Open communication expands the borders to business success. You need translated documents appropriate to the market (localized) in which you are doing business. Our translators have native-level fluency in both the source and target languages, possess a current cultural understanding of the language and localized region, a field-specific knowledge of the text, and full comprehension of the legal and professional formatting standards required. Localization is more than translation; it includes translation and other elements such as:

  • Conversions of currency/units of measure
  • Layout adaptations
  • Review of graphics for cultural sensitivities
  • Date, address, and phone number formats
  • Expressions & idioms

Formatting of Translated Documents

How the document looks is just as important as the content. Afterall, your design team took great care to develop your document; thus, the translated piece requires the same care. Going beyond pure text formatting, our experts provide special formatting considerations including:

  • Layout adjustments accommodating text expansion
  • Text replacement in non-editable graphs, tables, graphics
  • Design and layout adjustments for right-to-left languages
  • Support of specialized fonts/typefaces

Language Translation Tools

Our language translation services utilize translation memory technology as well as Terminology Management software. Translation memory refers to a linguistic database that captures and saves repetitive phrases and previously translated texts for future use. It enables our teams to work faster and maintain consistency while keeping the cost of your translation projects within budget by eliminating the need to re-translate repetitive phrases and re-utilizing previously translated texts. It is important to note that this technology does not replace human translators; it simply augments translators’ skills to provide faster and more accurate translations. Our technology supports:

  • OCR – Optical Character Recognition
  • Multiple languages
  • Large selection of source file formats

Language Translation in Detroit, MI Process

Quality language translation involves a structured process followed by PALS INTERNATIONAL professionals. It is as intuitive as it is procedural for every step along the way. Only experienced translators can work efficiently and effectively to deliver professional results on time and within budgets. Our process includes but is not limited to the following steps:

1. Project Overview/Preparation
2. Initial Translation
3. Proofread Translation and Refine Wording
4. Quality Check
5. Final Delivery

Greater Detroit, MI is Multicultural

The metropolitan city of Detroit, Michigan is a combination of old and new and often is associated with adjectives like dynamic, bustling, and progressive. A history peppered with ethnic richness grants Detroit an edge. It is a strong city, thriving with people, and a genuine delight for the senses. Art makes a statement—whether it is music from an area pub, aromas from street vendors, or vivid murals and architecture.

Detroit is defined by its people. A culturally diverse population, the city’s character has been defined and redefined by wave after wave of immigrants from all over the world, many of whom arrived with hope for a new and better life. The reality, however, is that some ethnic minority groups and illegal immigrants are among the city’s less privileged people, living in deprived inner-city neighborhoods.

As a woman and minority owned entity headquartered in Metropolitan Detroit, PALS INTERNATIONAL mirrors the cultural diversity of greater Detroit. This enables PALS to provide Companies with a full range of language service solutions tailored to meet their global needs.

Currently, the professionals who reside or work in Detroit demonstrate community ideals. At a grass roots level, many citizens are involved in civic affairs, local sports, or social activities. With culture, education, and growing prosperity, employment is at an all time high.

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Industries We Serve


Enabling vehicle manufacturers, their suppliers, and end-user customers to conduct global business productively


Government agencies utilize our Interpretation and Translation services to facilitate meaningful communication


We provide the healthcare industry with language, cultural and diversity solutions that foster effective provider/patient communication


A variety of language service solutions are provided to corporate marketing departments and advertising agencies to enable effective delivery of targeted content globally

Other Services

Our firm has established a network of approximately 2,000 professionals in over 100 countries assisting with the language and cultural needs of clients.

About Us

We are a certified woman and minority owned language service provider with extensive experience working with global companies since 1983.