Cross-Cultural Training

big-globePALS INTERNATIONAL specializes in Business Cross-Cultural Training for the business traveler, which is different from expatriate cultural training. We focus solely on the business aspect of culture. Our programs are customized to meet your business needs.

Our experts:

  • Are not cultural generalists, but experts in their subject matter who have lived and worked in the country (or countries) of interest
  • Possess the practical and educational background to discuss their subject matter from a business point of view
  • Have real knowledge of the countries and understand the business culture and climate

In a business cross-cultural training program, we do not just teach Culture 101, but real-world skills that give business people the knowledge to make a difference in their global business communication. The business cultural topics could include:

  • How decision-making occurs in the culture of interest
  • Negotiation tactics and strategies
  • Geopolitical and historical influences that impact the business environment
Culture Video Clip: Mexico